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Centurion Pistol Club Inc (CPCI, The Club) is an approved sporting gun club. Although primarily a Pistol Club, CPCI is also accredited to shoot Categories A and B and we regularly enjoy competition and practice with rifles as well as clay targets with shotguns. CPCI is proudly affiliated with the NSW Amateur Pistol Association (NSWAPA), the Sporting Shooters Association of Australia (SSAA) and IPSC Australia.
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Welcome to the official Web site of the Centurion Pistol Club Inc.

CPCI promotes safe and responsible shooting across a wide range of action-oriented pistol disciplines as well as target rifle and clay target shotgun events at a competitive and recreational level in the greater Sydney area.

New CPCI Members are provided an extensive safety and skill development program involving both classroom and one-on-one practical training at no additional charge.  The program provides training and safe handling practices to maximise safe participation in Club events.  

This website is primarily available to CPCI Members via individual login, however contact for Membership or Try Shooting enquiries is welcome via the Contact Us link on this page.  

The Centurion Pistol Club Inc provides members with a single, compliant club to allow them to own, possess and use firearms across Categories A,B and H in the state of New South Wales.  Allowing for the ownership and use of Pistols, Rifles and Shotguns under a single Club Membership provides members with a simplified path to compliance with reduced fees and administration.

Regardless of category, Club Members are also afforded excellent service and pricing by Safari Firearms. Their generosity is greatly appreciated.

NEXT TRY SHOOTING EVENT: During 2017 the Firearrms Registry suspended Try Shooting events.  We hope to have an even to schedule in the early part of 2018.  Please refer to the Contact Us area at the bottom right of the screen to lodge interest or request further information.  

The Centurion Pistol Club Inc was formed in 1998 and was subsequently incorporated in New South Wales in 2004.  

The Club is very proud of the range of activities, services and training it has provided to Members over the past 19 years.

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If you have any queries with regarding Membership or our Try Shooting activities you can reach the Club by clicking on the link below:

Contact CPCI.